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Our School

Welcome to La Pomme Home, Quebec’s leading professional training school in culinary arts founded in 1947.

La Pomme Home attracts student from around the world. With a sister school in Paris, students have the opportunity to obtain valuable internship experience at some of the best establishments in Canada and France. Programs (including cooking, service, patisserie, baking, wine, and restaurant management) are taught in both English and French.

Our facilities in Canada feature a 30000-square metre building located in the heart of Quebec City. Each year, 4000 students enroll in our programs and over 95% of graduates get a job placement within 6 months of graduation.

Our Mission

We hope to celebrate a passion for French cuisine. Our mission is to open doors and opportunities for each and every student to successfully embark on rewarding career paths in French cuisine or otherwise. La Pomme Home is a place to share a common passion and achieve culinary excellence.