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Which pressure cooker should you buy for class?

For students whose course requirements involve cooking with a pressure cooker, you should be getting one to complete your course training. La Pomme Home has pressure cookers available in our kitchens for students to use while at school, but they are not permitted off grounds and students will be required to purchase their own pressure cookers.

Our teachers recommend getting a cooker that is similar if not the same as the one you use in school for training purposes. Please read pressure cooker reviews carefully before making your final choice and consult with your teachers. All our schools use Kuhn Rikon and All American pressure cookers.

Where you can buy one

La Pomme Home’s administration department is able to help students order one from the manufacturers that supply our school’s kitchen with pressure cookers. We’re able to give our students a 10% discount off the manufacturer’s price. Forms can be found online or at the office. Download and fill it out, then bring a cheque with the purchase price written to “La Pomme Home” to our office to place an order. If you want to purchase one from other sources, past students have noted that they were able to find deep discounts online and at retail stores. Where you buy one is up to you, but your teachers may have a specific model that they would like you to use, so make sure to check with your teachers at the beginning of the term.

For international students, we recommend buying one after you come to Quebec so that you will have less baggage to ship over. Another option is to purchase one off the students classifieds site. Many students who are moving back to their homes choose to sell their used pressure cookers on the site. The selection tends to be quite limited so most students end up buying a new one. That said, you can try your luck on the site.

What’s a good choice

According to Cook With Pressure, some of the best pressure cookers to get are the All American, Presto, or Kuhn Rikon brands. If your teachers don’t have any specific requests, you should get a pressure cooker that you see yourself using for years. Pressure cookers are supposed to last you a lifetime with minimal maintenance and cleaning. To clean a pressure cooker, you simply have to wipe it down with some soap and warm water. Don’t scrub too hard because the abrasiveness isn’t good for the body.

Here are some things you would want to look for when purchasing a pressure cooker:

  • Adjustment between high/low pressure settings (8 psi and 15 psi)
  • Durable, dishwasher-safe stainless steel and aluminum quality
  • Around 4- or 6-quart capacity (minimum)
  • Priced at least $100 (this is a good rule of thumb for a quality cooker)
  • Spring valve pressure regulator (although other ones work just as fine, the spring valve is quiet which is good for using in class)

If you still have questions about which pressure cooker to buy, please discuss with your instructors since they will be training you. They may also have some extra tips to share with you.

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